Xa Net Services Overview

Xa Net Services will take the hyper-scalers by surprise as it grows rapidly with an environmentally friendly footprint

What is Xa Net Services?

Xa Net Services is a next-generation cloud services platform storing unstructured object-based data on the S3 Protocol. The product is made up of a globally distributed network of permissionless, decentralized storage nodes called Providers and specialized network access clients called Relayers. The two work seamlessly together with automated contracting and minimal human intervention under the hood, while the customer uses standard software tools to access the cloud in the same way as traditional services.


End-to-end encryption and Reed Solomon coding create extremely high levels of security and durability when compared to first-generation centralized cloud storage vendors like Amazon, Azure and Google.

Environmental Sustainability
Large, central datacenters use enormous amounts of equipment, water and electricity to keep servers cool and operating normally with technical staff required 24/7. XNS Provider nodes are located anywhere there is electricty, Internet and modest security. Typically this means homes and business back offices. The result is a network of efficient, sustainable nodes providing passive income for anyone who wants to operate them, creating an environmentally sustainable business opportunity.

Traditional cloud vendors store customer data and copy it to one or two additional locations, claiming high durability based on questionable math. The probability of three locations failing in our complex world are reasonably high, and occur somewhat regularly with data breaches reported in the news. By storing data across the Distributed Datacenter, customers secure assets with mathematically verifiable durability that easily surpasses even the highest levels of traditional vendors.

How Does It Work?

To end user customers, XNS is the same as current cloud storage services they use every day. It is simple to create object storage buckets and attach them to tools used for backup and file transfer like Veeam, Commvault, and thousands of others. The data is encrypted on the client side first and sent out to the desired Provider nodes based on geolocation, compliance, performance and any other requirement the customer has for where data is stored. By choosing to fully support the industry standard Amazon AWS S3 protocol set, XNS works out of the box with tens of thousands of existing applications today.

Behind the scenes, smart contract technology uses public key cryptography to create and store Provider disk segment information where data is stored so that it can be quickly found, identified and recovered by the customer as needed while making it impossible for hackers or the Providers themselves to do anything with the data. These contracts require ongoing “storage proofs” which guarantee the data always exists, is not being de-duped without customer permission and is readily available in case of need. Contracts are finalized on a public blockchain ledger, providing an auditable trail of how much and how long data is stored.

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For a deeper diver Overview, watch a full demo video to see how all the components fit together

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