Learn How to Connect Your
VMS Solution to the XNS D2 Cloud

Demo with Havilah Solutions

See and learn how easy it is to integrate the Relayer with your established solution for ultimate security, manageability and cost

Presented by Mike Gilbert and Donald Rubie

XNS is the most secure, durable, performant cloud which gives you maximum control without breaking the budget

Learn what makes XNS D2 the most effective solution for pushing VMS surveillance camera footage directly to the cloud with customized retention policies and easy access, while working with billing tailored to hit your budgets and remain predictable month after month.

In this presentation, Donald Rubie from Havilah Solutions discusses typical installations along with cloud-compatible and non cloud-based VMS systems. A walkthrough of the Relayer and making connections to a Virtual Private Datacenter are shown with a demonstration of live uploads.

If you are running large video surveillance workloads, come see how the Relayer can act as a local file cache for easy access and retrieval while also being the point of contact to the cloud for rolling backups and long term archives.

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