Relayer User Interface Setup/Configuration

Linux Setup   |   Windows Setup   |   Create an Account

Relayer runs inside a Docker container on Linux or on a virtual machine if Windows is your preferred environment. Setting up the latest Relayer install is very easy and there are handy guides with cut/paste commands to help speed the process. The following items are covered:

To begin, select between two options, Certificate from Domain Registry and Cloudflare & Proxy. We recommend option 2 which is more powerful and similar to a software router. This option makes a Cloudflare account proxy for the Relayer, using Cloudflare authentication to generate certificates.

Following is an overview of Relayer Docker Compose, Cloudflare integration and creation of a DNS API token. Next covered is how to use SSL port forwarding and the difference vs using http port 80. This setup resembles traditional cloud bucket access rather than just an IP address. Overview of the best Cloudflare options including proxy and API’s.

Verification of domains and DNS records with extra layer of security layer hiding the IP address. Traefik folder showing an SSL Lets Encrypt certificate within the proxy. Choose between DNS and Proxy mode. Both services have pros and cons overview.

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