Video Surveillance Meets Perfect Cloud Storage

Connect your existing VMS to the Relayer to create a Virtual Private Datacenter where cam footage is always available and extremely performant at a cost that will blow your mind

Video Surveillance Growth

The video surveillance industry is a mature segment that is growing exponentially with ever greater requirements for networking footage for playback, review and archiving. Higher resolutions and dense camera installations increase the amount of storage capacity needed, making local installations difficult to manage, share and secure.

Whether for enterprise, government organizations or small businesses with a security need, VMS are key to smooth business operations. XNS D2 cloud storage built on our unique and powerful Virtual Private Datacenters allows any size organization to have infinite scalability, performance and security while choosing exactly where the footage is stored with granular retention periods.

XNS Relayer

A Better Way to Store Video Archives

Running a small lite-server alongside a non-cloud native VMS creates the ultimate solution for ensuring nothing is ever lost until it is no longer needed. Other cloud vendors talk about durability, but your data is always under their control and usually stored in only 2 facilities that can be thousands of miles away. With D2, you assemble the datacenter you need, using parameters like region, country, uptime and performance to ensure you are getting a true eleven 9s of durability on the world’s most performant S3 cloud platform.

VMS Case Study

Check out a case study by one of our VMS vendor partners demonstrating Relayer configuration and uploading live cams to a Virtual Private Datacenter

Secure in Ways Other Cloud Services are Not

XNS D2 makes client-side encryption and erasure coding seamless, meaning your data is unhackable after it leaves your facility. The process of splitting your data to thousands of individual storage nodes provides extreme performance due to data parallelism. Imagine sending data to one location or retrieving it from that location. Any Internet disruption between you and their datacenter will cause latency and buffering which is unacceptable for video playback and streaming. With D2, data upload/download is blazing fast because it exists on multiple nodes with extra copies and best of all, you decide where the nodes are.

XNS D2 is compatible with these VMS systems and many more

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