Network & Product Demonstration

Xa Net Services is a true game changer in the world of unstructured Object Storage in the cloud. An extremely distributed datacenter combines with smart contracting for the most secure, performant, scalable and environmentally sustainable cloud service available

The team behind Xa Net Services and Xa-Miner launched the ScPrime storage network to serve as the foundational backdrop from which to integrate full product offerings on both the Renter and Host side of the Renter-Host Protocol. We are pleased to present a full overview of our network and services, which are covered in the below presentation running just over an hour.

00:11 – 08:00 | First covered is the opportunity, some background of our network, the ideas that guided our approach, and an introduction to the Xa-Miner storage pod.

08:00 – 17:13 | Next up is an overview of the Xa-Miner web interface, which includes financial transaction reporting, statistics and monitoring, as well as very detailed contract visibility.

17:13 – 25:51 | The Distributed Datacenter is then introduced, which represents the near-continuous geographic offering of storage that is only possible on a network composed of numerous individual providers. We’re proud to offer the largest enterprise ready network in the space, and 2nd largest overall.

25:51 – 35:36 | In this section we discuss how to approach using Xa Net Services, and showcase the console admin dashboard.

35:36 – 44:03 | Xa Net Services is compared to traditional cloud services, considering factors like cost, environmental footprint, security, and more.

44:03 – | Our flagship enterprise renter (the Relayer) is formally introduced, and concepts such as caching, immutability, permissioning, and more discussed. Then we take you through the software dashboard, showing off powerful features like provider profiling, aggressive erasure code distribution, and native S3 application support.

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