Cloud Provisioner

Cloud Provisioner Certification

Become prepared to take full advantage of everything the Relayer stack can power for you and your cloud use/users

This course is available for XNS Partners and Customers tasked with configuring and maintaining XNS cloud for their organizations.

Cloud Provisioner provides a complete overview of the powerful Relayer stack. Enrollees can expect a start-to-finish guide covering hardware and networking considerations, container deployment, identity and access management, backup and recovery, and much more.

The format is 10 lesson videos, ranging 5-15 minutes in length. There are quizzes interspersed, testing comprehension of important concepts. Upon completing the final quiz, an XNS Cloud Provisioner Certificate will be issued.

Begin by clicking Lesson 1 – Hardware and Networking below.

SCP University

This course is likely to be the best chunk of time you could spend on not just the ScPrime/Xa Net Services ecosystem, but distributed storage networks as a whole

SCP University provides an encompassing overview of the ScPrime distributed datacenter network. This new model of cloud connects data users to Storage Providers in a powerful mesh, underpinned by a decentralized blockchain framework. This course introduces and explains each component, while teaching about the approaches and lessons gained in building one of the largest Distributed Storage networks.

Composed of three ~60 minute lectures, SCP University graduates can expect to come away knowledgeable with the network itself and familiar with the thought process behind it.

Begin by creating an account/signing in, then refreshing and clicking Lecture 1 below.

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