Cloud Provisioner

Cloud Provisioner Certification

Become prepared to take full advantage of everything the Relayer stack can power for you and your cloud use/users

This course is currently available only for XNS Partners and Customers tasked with configuring and maintaining XNS cloud for their organizations. Stay tuned for a version available to the general public. If you are in the above group and need access, send an email

Xa Net Services offers the Cloud Provisioner course, providing a complete overview of the powerful Relayer stack. Enrollees can expect a start-to-finish guide covering hardware and networking considerations, container deployment, identity and access management, backup and recovery, and much more.

The format is 10 lesson videos, ranging 5-15 minutes in length. There are quizzes interspersed, testing comprehension of important concepts. Upon completing the final quiz, an XNS Cloud Provisioner Certificate will be issued.

Begin by clicking Lesson 1 – Hardware and Networking below.

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