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Evolution. Then Revolution

SCP, Corp is a USA-based C-Corporation chartered in Colorado, a state with friendly blockchain laws specifically related to utility coins and their production. The vision of the company is to create a disruptive new entity in the growing cloud services and cloud infrastructure markets using distributed networking, public ledgers and core bits of Web3.0 technology.

Key messaging is Evolution, then Revolution highlighting core products as snap-in replacements for current centralized cloud offerings. Corporations and SMEs do not purchase, custody and use cryptocurrency but instead pay normally on the Xa Net Services platform. Under the hood, the company’s Relayer technology handles all crypto smart contracting and transactions. A high degree of S3 compatibility ensures a viable replacement for thousands of current object storage based cloud applications.

To build out the network, we also manufacture and sell the Xa-Miner Storage Provider nodes as well as Full software licenses for DIY configurations. XMs are the backbone of the most robust, durable and performant distributed cloud on the planet. Sold directly at the Xa-Miner website, they are also available thru a growing list of trusted XNS Partners.

SCP, Corp is also the main developer of the SCP blockchain. Future direction may include a spinoff foundation to handle chain governance and ongoing consensus modeling. The blockchain is validated by permissionless Proof of Work with ASIC-only compatibility for hashing capability.


SCP, Corp.
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Fort Collins, CO 80527

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